Encouraging Harvard students to donate a small percentage of their income to highly effective charities.

"The majority of Americans (85%) say that they care about nonprofit performance, but only 35% do research on any charitable gift in the course of a year. Of those that research, most (63%) do so to validate the nonprofit they're seeking to give to. Only 3% of donors do comparative research to find the best nonprofit to give to." - The Elephant in the Brain

Despite the world being wealthier today than at any other point in human history, one billion people still live in extreme poverty. Additionally, billions of factory-farmed animals suffer every year. In most cases, we want to help, but hesitate because we don't know how, and the problems seem too large, too distant and too complex. The goal of the Harvard Giving Pledge is to enable Harvard students to give back in a thoughtful, meaningful and effective way.

Our aim is to change Harvard’s culture toward giving and encourage as many graduates of Harvard College to donate 1% of their income to the most effective charities. We recommend evidence-backed charities that have been reviewed by GiveWell (www.givewell.org), Animal Charity Evaluators (animalcharityevaluators.org), and members of Harvard College Effective Altruism (harvardea.org). Others have done the hard work for you, verifying and researching hundreds of charities. Now, it's up to you to sign up and set up your pledge!

LEARN ABOUT ALL THE CHARITIES IN THE PORTFOLIO HERE: Descriptions of Charities in the Portfolio

GiveWell’s Top Charities (2018)
Malaria Consortium
Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative
Helen Keller International
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
The END Fund
Against Malaria Foundation

GiveWell’s Standout Charities (2018)
Development Media International
Evidence Action
Food Fortification Initiative
Zusha! Road Safety Campaign
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Iodine Global Network
Living Goods
Project Healthy Children

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) Top Charities
Albert Schweitzer Foundation
Animal Equality
The Good Food Institute
The Humane League

Clean Air Task Force
Coalition for Rainforest Nations

Evidence Action

Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative
Machine Intelligence Research Institute
The Future of Life Institute

Development Media International
Strong Minds

Amnesty International

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