1% of the developed world's income can eliminate extreme poverty. Let it start with you.

One for the World

Despite the world being wealthier today than at any other point in human history, one billion people still live in extreme poverty. In most cases, people want to help, but hesitate because they don't know how, and the problems seem too large, too distant and too complex. One for the World is an organization that uses rigorous, data-driven charity selection to recommend the most effective charities to donate your dollars to. By giving at least 1% of your income to these effective charities, you can maximize your impact and fight extreme poverty.

Our Charities

One for the World has partnered with The Life You Can Save to compile a list of recommended charities based on extensive research and analysis. One for the World’s portfolio consists of 20 highly effective charities, of which we have designated five as One for the World Top Picks.

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$55 a month is 1% of the Harvard Undergrad students' average starting salary post-graduation (1% of $66.5K).


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