Our Mission

We want to see a world where individuals are doing the most good that they can

Together, we can change philanthropy for the better

We believe that effective programs, backed by scientific data, are the best way forward in cause areas both global and local, big and small. By joining the community at Donational, you’re adding your individual voice to a collective of hundreds of other voices, all saying that we value programs that have a high positive impact. Together, we’ll demand action from charities that are ineffective and opaque, and push the industry to change for the better.

We want to drive a cultural shift towards high positive impact giving

Most people don’t really know where their money is going when they donate to charity. We want to help individuals understand what it means to give to charities with a high positive impact on the world.

We do that by focusing on you and your values

There are several outstanding organizations using data, evidence and thorough analysis to rate and review charities based on their impact. We make that information accessible and actionable for you, so that you can easily find the charities that are doing the best work in the cause areas that you care about most. Whether you use Donational to make your final donation or not, we want to help you in your search for charities that prove high positive impact.