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“I'm finally giving what I ought to!”

The amount that I donated used to depend on how I was feeling the day when I was asked. Donational gave me tools to help me understand how much I can give. It's so easy to track!

— Theresa Philips

“It helped me realize what I care about”

I'd often try to research top charities for issues I cared about, only to get lost in all the details. Now, it's like having a personal advisor to guide me through a shortlist of highly effective charities.

— Marco Vasquez

“It's like a smart co-pilot for my giving!”

I don't need to remember to mail in a bunch of checks or separately itemize handfuls of donations at tax time. I get peace of mind knowing that my money is getting to where it is needed.

— Jerry Bass

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Donational is built by a team of dedicated members building useful tools for the greater good.

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We make use of smart features like donation pooling to ensure that charities spend more on making an impact, and less on processing donations. Standard credit card payment processing fees apply.